August 2020 Podcast (S2, E 10) – Dan and Scott Phillips of Rotary Ten

This month’s podcast is an interview with Dan & Scott Phillips who burst onto the Cleveland music scene in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s as one half of Rotary Ten. Both brothers are still making music today. Earlier this month, Dan who is based in Cincinnati by way of Chicago, released a new, self-titled album as Zapruder Point + The Brightness. This past Friday, Scott who has lived in Raleigh, North Carolina since the 2000’s, released a five-song EP titled Orchard as The Monologue Bombs. We talk about the brothers’ Northeast Ohio roots, the unique sound of Rotary Ten, their evolution as The Boy Wonder Jinx after their move to Raleigh, and their subsequent solo works.

The Phillips brother maintain an on-line presence for Rotary Ten on Bandcamp where you can find songs from that band. From there, you can find links to the Boy Wonder Jinx, Dan’s solo work as Zapruder Point, and Scott’s projects with Rotary Ten bassist Gregg Eyman (Goner and Gnoer) and his solo work as the Monologue Bombs. Go take a listen and buy their new stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

Set List
“Winona” – Rotary Ten
“Never No Kidding” – Rotary Ten
“Earmarks (Live)” – Rotary Ten
“Doug Hopkins” – The Boy Wonder Jinx
“99 Cent Shirt” – The Boy Wonder Jinx
“Sinker” – The Boy Wonder Jinx
“Jay” – Zapruder Point
“This Side of the Bridge” – Goner
“Spirit of 91” – Zapruder Point
“Whatever Day It Is” – Goner
“Terrible Things” – Zapruder Point
“The Winter Pagent” – Goner
“Lisa Pruett Will Have Her Revenge on Coventry” – Zapruder Point
“Dickinson Ave (Song of 27)” – Goner
“Stars + Specks” – Zapruder Point
“The Mathematics” – Gnoer
“Taps” – Zapruder Point
“The Nightingale Routine” – The Monologue Bombs
“Unnamed Stars” – Zapruder Point
“Best Mistakes” – The Monologue Bombs

July 2020 Podcast (S2, E9) – The Akron Sound

This month’s podcast features an interview with author and archivist for the Akron Sound Museum, Calvin Rydbom. A professional archivist by day, Calvin’s 2018 book, The Akron Sound: The Heyday of the Midwest’s Punk Capital, is a superb account of the Akron/Kent music scene from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1980’s when the Rubber City took center stage in the burgeoning punk and new wave moment with artists and bands enjoying recognition from Northeast Ohio to the United Kingdom. While a few bands and artists like Devo, The Waitresses, Rachel Sweet and the Rubber City Rebels signed with the major labels, other bands such as 15-60-75 AKA The Numbers Band, Tin Huey, the Bizarros, and the Action are fondly remembered and their members are still making great music today.

Calvin and I discuss just what exactly the Akron Sound is, some of his favorite bands and artists, and the origins of the Akron Sound Museum which is located in the Bomb Shelter on Bank Street in Akron.


“Animal Speaks” – 15-60-75 AKA The Numbers Band
From the 1976 album Jimmy Bell’s Still In Town on Water Brothers Records

“Cuyahoga Creeping Bent” – Tin Huey
From the 1977 EP Puppet Wipes on Clone Records

“Truck Stop Queen” – Rachel Sweet
From the 1978 album The Akron Compilation on Stiff Records

“Lady Doubonette” – Bizarros
From the 1977 split album with Rubber City Rebels From Akron on Clone Records

“Child Eaters” – Rubber City Rebels
From the 1977 split album with Bizarros From Akron on Clone Records

“Jocko Homo” – Devo
From the 1977 single on Booji Boy Records

“Laugh” – Hammer Damage
From the 1979 single on Broken Records

“Waves of Disgust” – Chi-Pig
From the 2004 album Miami on Chi-Pig Records

“Go Ahead and Kiss Her” – Unit 5
From the 1981 album Scared of the Dark on Clone Records

“Radio Music” – The Action
From the 1979 single on RadioGram Records

“Russia Rocks” – The F-Models
From the 1981 single on T.M.I. Products

“Pipeline” – The Walking Clampetts
Unreleased track

“Swinging and the Supermarket” – Trudy & The Trendsetters
Unreleased track

“Cincinnati Stomp” – Teacher’s Pet
From the 2008 compilation Teacher’s Pet on Smog Veil Records

“Hideaway” – Color Me Gone
From the 1984 album Color Me Gone on A&M Records

“Yankee Wheels” – Jane Aire & The Belvederes
From the 1978 single on Stiff Records

“I Know What Boys Like” – The Waitresses
From the 1982 album Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful on Polydor Records

“My City Was Gone” – Pretenders
From the 1984 album Learning to Crawl on Sire Records