This month, we visit with Tom Jares, the founder and chief songwriter for the 1980s Cleveland band, the French Lenards. The French Lenards were a popular live act during their initial run from the early 1980s to the early 1990s and they are now back together writing, recording, performing live and releasing new music in the 21st century. Tom also discusses his tenure as a guitarist in the legendary Wild Giraffes as well as his post French Lenards band, King of Clubs/Coltrane Wreck.

Featured songs:

“Pulling Me Down” – The French Lenards
from a demo tape released in 1984

“Rusty Old Cadillac” – The French Lenards
from the 1987 Play Records compilation Exhibit B

“Little Dreams” – The French Lenards
from the 1988 Play Records compilation Exhibit C

“Like A Wrecking Ball” – The French Lenards
from the 1991 Jim Clevo Presentations compilation Clearing the Air

“Picture Perfect Sky” – Tom Jares
from the 1992 Cleveland Music Group compilation CMG CDs 1 & 2

“Lovers’ Chains” – King of Clubs
from the 1992 self-released cassette EP King of Clubs

” Killing Dreams” – Coltrane Wreck
from the 1994 Sound of the Sea Records compilation Field Day

“35 Miles to Go” – The French Lenards
from the 2020 self released digital album The French Lenards

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