June 2020 Podcast (S2, E8) – Scott Hanson Interview

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when it comes to these interviews. I mean, I ask my self how in the hell I managed to set these things up but when one of the most prolific and talented Cleveland songwriters sends you a Facebook message, you take the opening and ask for an interview opportunity. Scott Hanson started on the Cleveland music scene in the early 1980’s with Boy Wonder which featured future Damn Yankees and Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer, Solon, Ohio native Michael Cartelone. Boy Wonder played numerous gigs and released one self-titled EP in 1982.

When Boy Wonder fizzled out, Hanson, along with Boy Wonder guitarist Tim Kirker, and bassist Greg Thomas added drummer Ron Musarra and formed the synth pop band, Slam Bamboo in the mid 1980’s, Slam Bamboo released their first single, “House on Fire” b/w “Black Book” in 1986. The single was produced by Danny Powers and Kevin Raleigh from the Michael Stanley Band. Sometime after the release of the single, Trent Reznor joined Slam Bamboo on keyboards and played with the band for almost a year. He appeared with the band when Slam Bamboo played on WKYC’s AM Cleveland hosted by Scott Newell. Reznor also appeared on Slam Bamboo’s second single, “Cry Like A Baby” b/w “Cry Like A Baby” which was produced by the band with Sean Bevan and Bruce Sommers. Slam Bamboo played a number of high profile gigs including as the opener for INXS at the Variety Theatre.

After the end of Slam Bamboo, Hanson eschewed the traditional band approach. Instead, he worked on writing and recording songs with a select group of studio musicians releasing his songs as Hanson: The Movie including “I Want You To Know” on the 1993 WMMS compilation Northcoast Buzzard Tracks, Volume 2. Scott’s next project in the mid-1990’s was Son of Slam, a four piece, grunge inspired band which released their only self-titled album in 1996. Son of Slam received some airplay with “Rollercoaster Ride” and toured the United States.

Scott Hanson continues to write and record for himself as well as writing for others like singer Nate Jones. His music receives regular airplay on John Gorman’s oWOW internet radio and of course, on Listen Project Radio. Hanson also owns and operates Scotti’s Italian Eatery on E 185th Street in Cleveland. Enjoy this retrospective of his long and successful career.

Set List
“Dangerous Radius” – Boy Wonder
“Through Someone Else’s Eyes – Boy Wonder
“When The Night Falls” – Boy Wonder
“House On Fire” – Slam Bamboo
“Give In To Love” – Slam Bamboo
“Cry Like A Baby” – Slam Bamboo
“Give Into Love” – Slam Bamboo
“I Want You To Know” – Hanson: The Movie
“Hands of Time” – Hanson: The Movie
“Toss and Turn” – Son of Slam
“Rollercoaster Ride” – Son of Slam
“Down In The Dirt” – Son of Slam
“It’s A Crime” – Scott Hanson
“Johan’s Song” – Scott Hanson
“Take Me Over” – Scott Hanson
“Kid In A Candy Store” – Scott Hanson with Carlos Jones
“Terrified” – Scott Hanson with Nate Jones
“All To Myself” – Nate Jones (written by Scott Hanson)
“Enemy” – Scott Hanson

For more Scott Hanson music. check out his Soundcloud page.

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