April 2020 Podcast – Seven Inch Special (S2, E5)

It’s April 7, 2020.  We’re still staying at home, sheltering in place and practicing social distancing but to keep your spirits up and to bring you entertainment, the Listen Project is here with another podcast featuring the music that made NE Ohio such a vibrant scene from 1975 to the early 21st century.  For this episode, we are returning to that classic music format, the 7” single.  All of the tracks today are either the ‘A’ side or ‘B’ side of an artist or band’s 7” release.  The earliest single you will hear is from 1977 with the cap year being 1986 which was an incredibly fertile time period.

“Mama Sez” – Love Affair (1980)

“Statutory Sue” – American Noise (1982)

“I Don’t Need It” – Crash Coffin & Cuyahoga Sludge (1980)

“Everything’s OK” – Fayrewether (1981)

“Shirley” – Mirrors (1977)

“Things Fall Apart” – The Generators (1980)

“Trouble” – Monitors (1981)

“Dreams Don’t Last” – Wild Giraffes (1977)

“Modern Dance” – Pere Ubu (1977)

“R U Talking To Me” – The Rubburheads (1982)

“Another Word For Love” – Separate Checks (1986)

“Sign Of The Time” – Strictly Physical (1983)

“Rock N Roll Planet” – Times (1979)

“Your Daddy’s Home” – Moonlight Drive (1982)

“Put-in-Bay” – Lipstick (1985)

“Too Much Traffic” – Don Kriss (1977)

“I Know Where I’m Comin’ From” – Raven Slaughter (1979)

“Get Back To Me” – The Action (1978)

“There’s No Surf In Cleveland” – Euclid Beach Band (1978)


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