March 2020 BONUS Podcast (S2, E3)

My regular job is as a first responder, so during the COVID-19 pandemic, my life now consists of hours at work and then some time at home to eat, sleep and try to relax before the process repeats. I’m not complaining – I love my job and in these uncertain times, anything I can do to lessen the anxiety in the community, I embrace. One of the things I’ve found myself doing to relax during these strange days is listening to even more NE Ohio music so why not draft a few play lists and podcast a little more often than monthly? So to keep me focused and occasionally distracted, it’s bonus time for you!

No theme, I’m just offering some of my favorite tunes including new or fairly recent material from the Lowlies, the Outsiders, Signal 30, the Bounty and Skydragster. Oh, and a set featuring Columbus rockers who liked hanging out in Cleveland frequently and often. Oh, and if you haven’t already, you need to listen to Season 2, Episode 2 last week for my interview with Wild Giraffes drummer/Beat Farm and Herb Jackson Records co-owner, Alan McGinty. Sit back, put you earbuds on and “Listen.”

Set List

“Let’s Get the Show On the Road” – Michael Stanley
From the 1973 LP Friends and Legends

“She” – The Lowlies
From the 2019 album A Rough One

“Rushmore” – Robin Stone
From the 2003 album Rushmore

“Another Place” – Azure Blue
From the 1995 CMG compilation Rust Belt Eruptions

“You and Me” – The Outsiders
From the 2020 album In Time

“Then She Turns Away” – Rainy Days Saints
1990 7-inch single (A side)

“Everything’s Better” – Skydragster
From the 2019 album Skdragster and the Hit Song Writing Machine

“Over and Away She Goes” – Bill Fox
From the 1998 album Shelter From the Smoke

“The Big Drain” – Train Wreck Therapy
From the 1995 CMG compilation Rust Belt Eruptions

“Right Through Me” – Signal 30
From the 2017 album A Series of Disappointments

“Stetsons” – Lucky Pierre
1981 7-inch single (A Side)

“Nothing Sounds Good” – Son of Slam
From the 1996 album Son of Slam

“One Last Wish” – The Toll
From the 1991 album Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones

“Isabella” – King of Iowa
From the 1993 EP King of Iowa

“These Things Take Time” – The Bounty
From the 2019 album Everybody Loves A Second Chance

“Black Cloud” – The Epicureans
1992 7-inch single (A Side)

“White Light” – Ronald Koal Band
From the 1990 album White Light

“Res-Q Me” – Serious Nature
1987 7-inch single (A Side)

“Love Letters” – Tom Jares
Undated demo

“All I Can Do” – Cactus 12
From the 2005 album Stay

“Happy Hour” – Max Wheel & The Sheades
From the 1986 EP 1st EP

“Left Out” – Quazi Modo
From the 1996 album Ten to Midnight








1 Comment

  1. Love all of this music. I was around to hear most of it the first time around. Thanks for refreshing my memory. Responding to a first responder.
    Thank you.


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