February 2020 Podcast – Live Without A Net (S2, E1)

This month, our focus is on music recorded live in front of an audience.  As a musician myself, while I love listening to music from an album, I love performing in front of a live audience and watching how a song connects with the collective.  I’ve chosen 21 live tracks, some never released for your listening enjoyment.

Set List
“Strike Up the Band” – Jonah Koslen & the Heroes
From the 2017 release 
Live at the Agora
Recorded on November 9, 1983 at the Cleveland Agora, Cleveland, OH (WMMS Coffee Break Concert) 

“Match” – Lucky Pierre
From the 2009 compilation Lucky Pierre
Recorded at the Cleveland Agora, Cleveland, OH

“Fishin’ In the Mountains” – The Twist-Offs
From the album 1994 Live in Ohio
Recorded on November 23-24, 1993 at Peabody’s Down Under, Cleveland, OH

“Ode to Susie and Joey” – Beatnik Termites
From the 1997 album Live at the Orifice

“The Rain Came Down” – The Walk-Ins
Unreleased live track from 1990
Recorded at the Empire Concert Club, Cleveland, OH (Cleveland Music Group benefit)

“Rebecca” – North by Northwest
From the 1992 limited release Live at Baldwin-Wallace College
Recorded on May 27, 1992 at the Student Activities Center, Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, OH

“It’s as Close As It Gets” – The Fifth Wheel
From the album It’s As Live As It Gets
Recorded at Cavanaugh’s in October 1994

“Heart of Darkness” – Hot Tin Roof
From the 1990 EP Alive
Recorded at the Phantasy Nite Club

“Final Solution” – Rocket from the Tombs
From the 2002 album The Day the Earth Met Rocket from the Tombs
Recorded at the Piccadilly Inn, July 24, 1975 (Peter Laughner on vocals)

“We’re Glad We Are What We Are” – Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes
From the 2000 album of the same name
Recorded at the Lakefront, December 31, 1983

“These Days” – The Generators
From the 2017 album Straight Outta (80’s) Cleveland:  The Best of the Generators
Unknown when or where recorded

“I Can Wait” – The Dark
From the 2006 album Scream Until We Die
Recorded at the Electric Banana in Pittsburgh on February 11, 1984

“Funky Poodle” – Wild Horses
From the 1990 WMMS compilation The Pride of Cleveland
Recorded at the Cleveland Agora, Cleveland, OH (Coffee Break Concert)

“Farewell to Mr. S.” – Tye Dye Harvest
From the 2016 album Tye Dye Harvest (25th Anniversary Edition)
Recorded at Easy Street Café, Bowling Green, OH on March 13, 1993

“Never Existed” – Gypsy Moths
Unreleased live track from a 1989 live performance at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH & broadcast on WRUW

“Chances Are She Won’t Remember” – Max Crucial & The Krushers
Unreleased live track from a 1988 performance at the Phantasy Nite Club, Lakewood, OH

“Thank You for This Day” – Third Wish
From the 1998 live album Third Wish
Recorded October 11, 1997 at the Odeon Concert Club, Cleveland

“Laughing at Harpo” – Oroboros
From the 1994 album Psycha-Deli: Live at the Euclid Tavern
Recorded at the Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, OH

“Did You Rock ‘Em” – Joe Bell & The Swing Lizards
From the 2000 album Slither
Recorded at the Savannah

“Green Hand” – Odd Girl Out
From the 1993 album Live in Concert
Recorded October 1-2, 1993 at the Shore Cultural Center, Euclid, OH

“Last Man Out” – Easy Street Band
Recorded in September 1982 at the Cleveland Agora, Cleveland, OH (WMMS Coffee Break Concert) 

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