January 2020 Podcast (S1 E12)

Lots of great music to kick off a brand new year.  Enjoy!


“Blue Venus Aflame” – Children’s Crusade
From the 7” Scorpio Moon (1985)


“For Eternity” – Beyond Blue
From the Cleveland Music Group compilation Northern Exposure (1993)

Northern Exposure

“Strangeland County” – Spike in Vain
From the They Pelted Us with Rocks and Garbage compilation (1985)


“3D” – Jericho Turnpike
From the album Big Red Dumpster (1995)

Jericho Turnpike Big Red Dumpster

“She Goes Down to the Lake at Night” – Three-Legged Poets
From the Another Listen is in Order compilation (1989)

Another Listen Is In Order

“541” – Jay Bentoff
From the Clearing the Air compilation (1991)

Clearing the Air

“Dance Music” – Times
From the EP Dance Music (1983)

Times 01

“Broken Glass” – The Akt
From the Exhibit C compilation (1988)

Exhibit C

“Truth” – Face Value
From the album Choices (1995)

The Reactions


“Open Book Song” – The Waynes
From the Sound of the Sea compilation They Showered Us with Beads & Flowers (1991)

They Showered Us With Beads and Flowers Front


“Looking Up” – The Epicureans
From the album Little Man (1994)


“Your Time Will Come” – The Sittin’ Ducks
From the album The Sittin’ Ducks (1998)


“You’re Brain’s Too Late” – The Fingers
From the 7” single “Circle X” b/w “You’re Brain’s Too Late” (1980)


“The Mess I’m In” – Jeff Varga Band
From the 7” single “Something’s Just Told Me” b/w “The Mess I’m In” (1987)

DocFile (3)

“DNA” – Rasch
From the Cleveland Music Group compilation Rust Belt Eruptions (1995)

DocFile (4)


What It’s Like – The Adults
From the album Playing a Kid’s Game (1986)

DocFile (1)

Off the Wagon (And Back in the Saddle) – The Cowslingers
From the album Off the Wagon (And Back in the Saddle) (1994)


Parma Girls – Whipping Boys
From the WMMS compilation Northcoast Buzard Tracks, Vol. 1 (1991)

Northcoast Buzzard Tracks Vol 1

When the Night Falls – Boy Wonder
From the EP Boy Wonder (1982)

Boy Wonder 01

Love Tries – The Easy Street Band
From the EP The Easy Street Band (1982)

ESB 01


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