November 2019 Podcast – It’s All Music to Mark Addison (S1 E10)

Sorry for cutting it so close to the end of the month but my hosting service was problematic.  Now that I’ve got it all figured out, this month, as usual we feature some of the finest music to come out of Northeast Ohio.  On top of that, we have an interview with the legendary Mark Addison, singer, songwriter and guitarist of the Generators, Hungry Young Men, Nation of One and the Wanton Seeds AND the premiere of one of his newly written songs.  We also touch on the “Akron Sound”  featuring four bands from Akron that are not Devo or the Waitresses (their time will come).


“Born & Raised On Rock and Roll” – Beau Coup
“That’s Just the Way It Is” – Donatello
“Saturday Night Fish ry” – Joe Bell & The Swing Lizards
“Mr. Sensible” – Mr. Sensible
“I’m A Generator” – The Generators
“Be Home Soon” – Hungry Young Men
“Devil or Angel” – Nation of One
“Runaway Train” – Mark Addison
“It’s All Music To Me” – Mark Addison **brand new song** 
“It’s No Fun” – Hostile Omish
“Come Over To My Coffin” – Snyders of Berlin
“Bust Some Skulls” – Bluto’s Revenge
“Wise Up” – Tin Huey
“Go Ahead and Kiss Her” – Unit 5
“Just the Facts” – In Fear of Roses
“Heading Home” – Time No Reason

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