Barncore & Butterchurns

Everyone’s favorite barncore butterchurners are back.  The Hostile Omish will be appearing at Sassy’s Bar & Grille in Twinsburg, OH on Friday, November 29th from 8:00-11:00 PM.  Formed in the late 1980’s in Bedford, OH, the Schwind brothers and friends created the whole new genre of barncore by adding two butterchurners on stage to compliment the tradition drums, bass, guitar and voice configuration favored by most bands.  Their shows are both infrequent and legendary so do not miss this chance to see them on stage in their natural habitat playing their hits like “Lizard Up My Buthole,” “It’s No Fun (Omish Excommunicated Blues).” and “Who Put Sea Monkey’s In My Mom’s Douche.”.  Plus, the band’s newest album, “XXX” will be available for sale as well as (totally unconfirmed) the butter churned on stage that night.  Want a quick fix of Hostil Omish barncore?  Go here to listen to their second cassette release, 1991’s “Caution: This Buggy Makes Wide Right Churns.”  The, grab your Amish hat, hitch up your horse and buggy, and head on out to Twinsburg on November 29th for what will be, one way or another, a memorable show.

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