October 2019 Podcast – Yesterday & Today (S1 E9)

Sometimes I come up with great ideas (not often, just ask my wife), but it dawned on me after our exclusive release of new music from Columbus’ The Bounty in August and now, new music from Skydragster (the band formerly known as Medicine Men/Medicine Show) that quite a few musicians from our focused time period are still writing, recording and performing new music.  So, why not produce a “yesterday and today” podcast and feature some new music (without the plastic babies and raw meat, though)?   I posted my thoughts at the Listen Facebook group and received much encouragement.  Including the aforementioned Skydragster and The Bounty, we’ve got a lot of cool songs this month including brand new music from the French Lenards,

“In Too Far” (1992) – Medicine Men
“Play Guitar All Day” (2019) – Skydragster

“Big World” – Terrible Parade
“Clutter” (2017) – Fits of Hail

“Held Like A Gun” – Knifedance
“Devil In The Bottle” – Black Static Eye

“Walk With The Giants” (1990) – The Bounty
“Bridge To Nowhere” (2019) – The Bounty

“Fly” (1996) – World In A Room
“Pieces” (2019) – Honeythief

“The Smoker” (1991) – The Vivians
“The Smoker” (2019) – Strange Messenger

“Perfect Impossible” (1994) – Jehova Waitresses
“Mistake” (2017) – Jehova Waitresses

“Scuzz Missle” (1991) – Sleazy Jesus & The Splatter Pigs
“Faded Blue” (2019) – The Tufted Puffins

“She Said” (1991) – The Outcasts
“The Curve” (2018) – Don Owens

“Protection” (1996) – The Simpletons
“Run With Me” (2018) – Tony Lang

“After Saturday Night” (1987) – The French Lenards
“Like Grains Of Sand” (2019) – The French Lenards



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