July 2019 Podcast (S1 E6)

This month, I decided to focus on many of the incredible female vocalists that made the Northeast Ohio scene from the end of the 1970’s through 2000.  Enjoy and please post your feedback in the comments.

July 2019 Playlist (lead vocalist name in parenthesis)

Candle Garden – Public Library (Leigh Anne Bowling)
Black Widow – The Vivians (Diane Duncan)
Leavin’ – Odd Girl Out (Alexis Antes, Anne E. DeChant & Victoria Fliegel)
Summertime – The Generators (Eva Dilcue)
The Rain Came Down – The Walk-Ins (Bonnie Bowers)
How It Grows – The Walk-Ins (Ann Marie Kovach)
Lovalution 232 – The Walk-Ins (Bethany Edwards)
Flowers – The Normans (Eugenia Dare)
Songwriter – North by Northwest (Heidi Tittjung)
Realism – Ceilings Below (Linda Wilson)
Far & Wide – The Waynes (Laurie Hallal)
Clean & Simple – Jehova Waitresses (Linda Roy)
Life’s Blood – Queue Up (Ali Hernan)
The Game of Love – Jinni Fontana (Jinni Fontana)
Something Fishy – Gunnblue (Avril McInally)
Outside – The Frans (Mandy Lascko)
Holy Holy – Primary Colours (Jeanette DeMain)
Stand Alone – Tracey Thomas (Tracey Thomas)
Laughing in the Rain – In Fear of Roses (Georgi Smith)
Dream Girl – Superkreme (Susan Rasch)

1 Comment

  1. Chris, thanks for sharing!

    Listening to The Generators – Summertime; I’m not sure if I ever heard of it before – the band name wasn’t familiar to me – but the song sounds timeless and I instantly fell in love with it… I was surprised to hear that it was actually released in the early 80s!


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