April 2019 Podcast – Power Pop Special (S1 E3)

I love power pop.  There’s nothing like a mix of crunchy and jangling electric guitars with a layer of acoustic guitars driving underneath and topped off with tight two or three part vocal harmonies.  With roots in the Beatles, Beach Boys and the Byrds, the genre has been hard to define for over a half century but fun to listen to.  This month’s Listen podcast focuses in on the power pop in my NE Ohio music collection ranging from the mid 1970’s to mid 1990’s.  I know I missed some bands that could/should have been included, but I also know that I can count on you to fill in some blanks by posting in the comments.  I hope you enjoy the podcast – play it loud enough to make sure the Spring that has (finally) arrived here on the Northcoast sticks around.  You can find most of the music from the playlist at my YouTube channel.

April 2019 Podcast Playlist

I’ve Got A Heart, Too – Back Pages
Shim Sham Shimmy – The Revelers
Tell Me – The Reactions
Don’t Tell Me – Don Kriss
Miss Understood – Paul Pope
Take It All – American Noise
Smile – The Earl Rays
Summertime– The Generators
Be Home Soon – Hungry Young Men
Blemish On My Heart – The Attitude
Here Tonight – The Holy Cows
Bye Bye Kitty Cat – The Mice
Then She Turns Away – Rainy Day Saints
Suburban Girl – Gem
Universe Boat – Paranoid Lovesick
Mary Mercenary – Azure Blue
Lucky the Dog – Medicine Show


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