March 2019 Podcast (S1 E2)

March 2019 Podcast Playlist

I Can Pretend – The Holy Cows
Right Now – Wild Giraffes
Another Day – The Twist-Offs
Lookin’ For My Baby – Blue Taxi
And It’s So – The Frans
Circles – Beatnik Termites
Little Dreams – The French Lenards
Nine Reasons Why – The Dandelion People
Bombs Away – Serious Nature
Wild and Forever – Zaza
Sometimes I’d Rather Be Alone – Terrible Parade
Ed McMahon Says – Terrible Parade”
Interstate 90 – Al’s Fast Freight
Phil – The Earl Rays
Killed Myself Last Night – Floyd Band
Hitchhiker – The Heathers
Stars (Come Out Tonight) – First Word
Downtown – The Mice
Without You – Max Crucial and The Krushers


  1. Listening to the music now, Cleveland really did have a sound, as in the Cleveland sound. Thanks for all the kind words Chris. William Russell Jones, Max Crucial and the Krushers.

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    1. My pleasure. I wished I would’ve caught you guys live back in the day. I have a recording of a show you did at the Phantasy with Project Z back in 1988 and you guys sounded ferocious. On of these days, I’m going to get my hands on a copy of your single. It pops up from time to time on Discogs. Thanks for the feedback.


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