February 2019 Podcast – Podcast Number One (S1 E1)

There are two parts to the Listen project.  The first is preservation of all the great music that came out of NE Ohio from the late 70s to 2000.  The second part, which, to me, is equally, if not more important than the first, is to recirculate this music to both the generations that heard it the first time around, but to a new generation as well.  I have hundreds of hours of music posted on my YouTube channel, but sometimes we need a little more context and that is why I have decided to do a monthly podcast featuring music and talk.  Now, I am not a DJ – never have been, either, but I can’t seem to convince THE local artist DJ (ahem, Jim Benson) to come out of retirement (YET) so I put together this prototype 60 minute podcast.  I admittedly stumble through some of the narration but I didn’t have the time (or desire) to re-record it and I’m still learning how to tweak levels and such so this is purely a test to see if, A. I could actually do it and B. if anyone really wants to hear something like this.  Take a “listen” (see what I did there) and leave me a comment, positive, negative or in-between.

Let’s Go – The Adults
I’ll Be Around – Superkreme
Heart In A Jar – Medicine Men
Blood & Shaving Cream – Death Of Samantha
It’s As Close As I Can Get – The Fifth Wheel
The Mission – In Fear Of Roses
Red Sunsets (Since You’ve Been Gone) – Jehova Waitresses
Looks Like Rain – The Act
Bitter End – Jericho Turnpike
Cedar Chest – Public Library
Dr. Sosumi – Sosumi
Ocean – World In A Room
Just Another Day – Champion
Straight Jacket & A Room With A View – Bluto’s Revenge
House On Fire – Slam Bamboo
Winter Still – The Walk-Ins
Velvet – Paranoid Lovesick


  1. nice job, really good retrospective of the scene … there were SO many bands playing out every weekend in Cleveland from the 70s through the 90s … can you believe there wasn’t even a “School of Rock” !?!

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  2. Thank you for bringing back the best years of music in Cleveland. It seems like yesterday when I was picking up a Cleveland scene magazine to see who was playing and what show to go to on a Friday night. Keep it coming. Love to make requests. There is so much I would love to hear.

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  3. Wow. What a labor of love. Can you imagine if this was done for all the cities and towns that had their own music scene! I remember a friend and I saw The Adults while I was a graduate student at Virginia Tech in 1985 or 86 and, rock music fanatics that we are, we’ve NEVER forgotten how great that show was. What an enduring impression it made!

    We mention the show every year or so and have scoured the web for years trying to find any of their music. Now I’ve actually heard them again after more than 30 years. Unreal to say the least. Thank you so much!!

    If anyone knows how I might access even more of this great band I’d dearly love to know.

    Thanks again for the dedication.


  4. Wow an wow. Getting back to The Adults means more to us than you might realize. Thank you!!!

    I don’t suppose anyone knows of a recording of their song, Shot Magnet”?

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