Exhibit C

Jim Clevo wasn’t the only person championing Cleveland music by releasing compilations featuring Ohio bands.  John Lattimer released three Exhibit albums in the mid 80’s on his Play Records.  Exhibit A was a vinyl release while Exhibit B and the final compilation, Exhibit C were CD releases.  All three compilations are now rare and hard to find – I found my copy on-line from a seller in Europe and copies of Exhibit A can be found on Discogs.  I have not, as of this post, ever located a copy of Exhibit B.  There are tracks from several great, late 80’s Cleveland bands including Ronald Koal, The Earl Rays, The French Lenards and the legendary Adults on Exhibit C, but all tracks are worth a “listen”.

(Thanks to Jim Benson for the correction on the release format for Exhibit B)

1. The Bomb – “Work (The Money’s Spent)”
2. Ronald Koal – “Back To Innocence”
3. The Earl Rays – “Ya Know”
4. Bellows – “Someone Is Calling”
5. The Holy Cows – “I Can Pretend”
6. Cool Down Daddy – “Sometimes She Smiles”
7. Joy Circuit – “Wise To The Style”
8. Paul Sandersen – “Write About Me”
9. Fine Young Minds – “(No Way I’m Gonna) Sleep Tonight”
10. The French Lenards – “Little Dreams”
11. Akt – “Broken Glass”
12. Mr. Sensible – “Mr. Sensible”
13. Dream Fatigue – “Crooked Smiles”
14. Serious Nature – “Bombs Away”
15. Zero One – “I Love You Better (When You Go Away)”
16. Inside Story – “Pat The Yuppie”
17. 15-60-75 – “High Heels Are Dangerous”
18. The Adults – “Yes I Do”

Exhibit C

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