The (Start Of A) “Listen” Soundtrack

I spend a lot of time listening to music related to this project. It’s kind of necessary when one is trying to chronicle this period in NE Ohio music. My main means of listening is via my Apple Music account (which is @Chris_Noga if you have an Apple Music account and want to listen to the playlist) that allows me to upload my collection and play it from just about anywhere on a PC or my iPhone. Very convenient. The playlist I created is below. The only rule I had for this particular list was only ONE song per artist/band which made it particularly challenging in some cases. Read through my playlist (it runs chronologically from 1985 to 2000) and tell me who I missed and should be added or what song better represents a band already in this playlist (meaning this list will be fluid and subject to changes):
Death of Samantha – Stories For Children
The Mice – Not Proud Of The USA
My Dad Is Dead – The Quiet Man
The French Lenards – Little Dreams
Snyders Of Berlin – Come Over To My Coffin
The Adults – Yes I Do
The 14th Floor – Monster
California Speedbag – Shit List
Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes – Crazy Slut
The Chimes – Fear And Tenderness
Home And Garden – Greenland
The Uninspired Five – Don’t Give Me Away
Youth In Asia – Dead Dogs Tell No Tails
Mr. Sensible – Mr. Sensible
Sosumi – Dr. Sosumi
Knifedance – Driven
The Vivians – Black Widow
Nick Riff – Tripping Over Clouds
Gypsy Moths – Run Away
Floydband – Killed Myself Last Night
The Outcasts – Glory
Three-Legged Poets – She Goes Down To The Lake At Night
The Walk-Ins – Winter Still
New Salem Witch Hunters – Last Patrol
Exotic Birds – Day After Day
Indian Rope Burn – Stupid For You
Modzilla – Angel In Red
Hot Tin Roof – Warm Jets
Max Crucial And The Krushers – Turnin’ Brown
Gunnblue – Something Fishy
North By Northwest – Fooled Again
In Fear Of Roses – When I Was Young
Sleazy Jesus And The Splatter Pigs – Beer
Beatnik Termites – Circles
The Earl Rays – Phil
Rotary Ten – Highway Houses
Odd Girl Out – Leavin’
Golgotha – Mask
The Dandelion People – Nine Reasons Why
Owen Boogy Trio – If…
Jay Bentoff – Jane Tells Me
terrible parade – Ed McMahon Says
Jehova Waitresses – Clean And Simple
Medicine Men – Be Wanna Be
Tie Dye Harvest – By The Waterside
The Cowslingers – Tattoed Blue
Bluto’s Revenge – Sometimes I’d Rather Be Alone
The Twist-Offs – Have Mercy
Lake Effect – Elijah
Anna Nausea – Don’t Wake Me Up
Prisonshake – Kick Up Yer Heels
Two Fingers Shy – World Without You
Rotary Ten – Winona
Coltrane Wreck – Lover’s Chains
Greenhouse 27 – Somedays
Grain – Hickory
The Waynes – This Moving Train
The Frans – And It’s So…
Jehova Waitresses – Perfect Impossible
Hostile Amish – Lizard Up My Butthole
Paranoid Lovesick – Big Star
Public Library – Candle Garden
The Fifth Wheel – It’s As Close As I Can Get
Dink – USA Sex
World In A Room – Ocean
Gem – Suburban Girl
Tracey Thomas – Stand Alone
Slackjaw – Not Guilty
Blue Taxi – Sweet Young Thing
Rasch – DNA
Azure Blue – Another Place
Melissa’s Green Thumb – Fish Market
Throckmorton – Peacemeal
Sons Of Elvis – Formaldehyde
The Palindromes – Here We Go Again
The Simpletons – Back In The Day
Greenhouse 27 – God
The Heathers – Hitchhiker
The Unknown – Annie Mae
Anne E. Dechant – Effort Of The Spin
The Spudmonsters – Isolation
Jericho Turnpike – Bitter End
Third Wish – Just Enough
Queue Up – Velvet
Delicate Balance – Tower
Joe Bell And The Swing Lizards – Break Out
Al’s Fast Freight – Interstate 90
Superkreme – Swerve
Alexis Antes – Stronger
The Revelers – Lost Again
Cats On Holiday – King Kong
Viva Caramel – Bits And Pieces
Five Minutes Fast – Lovely
Hillbilly Idol – Mind To Change

Cobra Verde – One Step Away From Myself


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