Another Listen…Is In Order! Again!

Jim Clevo was right.  In 1989, another listen WAS in order.  The third release in his “Listen” series for the College Music Journal Music Marathon, this is my favorite compilation from the era.  There are just so many great songs featured, including tunes from Sosumi, Knifedance, The Walk-Ins (the only band to have two tracks on this compilation), In Fear of Roses, the Gypsy Moths, terrible parade, The Three-Legged Poets, Nick Riff and The Outcasts.  Additionally, the variety in the Cleveland music scene is extremely evident when one listens to this disc.  The release showcased the burgeoning diversity of genres emerging from Northeast Ohio, a trend that would continue through the next decade.  I know that you will find at least five songs on this disc that you will listen to over and over again.

Another Listen…Is In Order
A Jim Clevo Presentation
Executive Producer – Jim Clevo

1. Sosumi – “Dr. Sosumi”
2. In Fear Of Roses – “The Mission”
3. Knifedance – “Driven (Programmer’s Preview Cut 3)
4. The Vivians – “Black Widow”
5. The Walk-Ins – “Turning Room”
6. The Gypsy Moths – “Run Away”
7. Indian Rope Burn – “Two Steps”
8. The Uninspired Five – “On Becoming Human”
9. Perfect Jewish Couple – “Voo Doo Dance”
10. Golgatha – “What’cha Gonna Do”
11. Death And Taxes – “Freaks In Love”
12. The Fourteenth Floor – “Wonderful Party”
13. terrible parade – “Rising Sun”
14. Nick Riff – “Tripping Over Clouds”
15. Lonesome Bones – “Betty Jean”
16. The Three-Legged Poets – “She Goes Down To The Lake”
17. The Outcasts – “Glory Bound”
18. Floyd Band – “Killed Myself Last Night”
19. The Walk-Ins – “Winter Still”
20. Mark Kmit – “The People Have Spoken”

Another Listen Is In Order Booklet


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