Live For The Music

Just a quick post.  First, thank you, thank you, thank you!  There are now over 100 150 members of the Facebook Group less than a week after it’s formation.  I’m incredibly excited about the names I’ve seen in the group’s members list.  I hope that each of you finds merit in this project and are willing to share your memories.  Keep adding people who you think would be interested in this project.

My first task for this project has been reconnecting with the music.  I dusted off a number of releases that I’ve kept all of these years plus scoured eBay, Amazon and Discogs in order to purchase the one’s that I didn’t have but I feel are vital to this project.  I’m amazed at what I found.  I attached the list as a PDF file to this post.  These are the releases I physically own.  I’ve also found a number of release through my Apple Music subscription including albums from Prisonshake, Knifedance, My Dad Is Dead, Chump and Rainy Day Saints as well as finding some rarities posted on YouTube.  These are not included in my list at this time.

The music and the artists are so important to this project so if you review my list and you have a 7″ or album (LP or CD) that is missing from this list, please let me know at  If you have mp3 files that you would like to contribute, I would be most grateful.

Local Music Collection 1985-2000 No Label Or Year

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