LPR – Listen Project Radio

Listen Project Radio runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Starting on Sunday, May 10, 2020 from 7:00 AM to midnight daily, we program shows tailored to various aspects of NE Ohio music.  During the other five hours, the station runs in an “Auto DJ” mode.  While in the auto mode, you may hear the Wild Giraffes followed by the Waynes, Rocket From the Tombs followed by Odd Girl Out or Tin Huey followed by Dink.


Rocks & Garbage – In 1985, After Hours Records released the seminal compilation of Cleveland punk, hardcore and alternative rock They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage.  The Rocks & Garbage program is an hour of CLE Punk at it’s finest.

Beads & Flowers – Alan Grandy’s Sound Of The Sea label debuted with They Showered Us With Beads And Flowers in 1990 as a vehicle for Cleveland’s burgeoning folk and folk rock movement.  Listen for the mellower side of the NE Ohio music scene.

The Akron Sound – The Akron Sound defines the music of the Rubber City along with the venues of that small town with big music, Kent.  This is the program for delving into the rich musical history of those two cities.

New Music Showcase – Many artists and bands from the NE Ohio music scene in the 1980’s through 2000’s are still making music today.  When we find that new music, we play it here.

LPR Picks – We have our favorites tracks from our archive of over 5000 tracks here at LPR and in these segments, you’ll hear the songs we love across a wide variety of genres.

Classic Compilations – From the Cleveland Music Group to Play Records and from other labels, one of the ways NE Ohio music spread in the 80’s and 90’s was via compilation.  Whether on vinyl, cassette or CD, we present cuts from many of those classic compilations.

Deep Tracks – Some bands may have only released one or two songs.  Others may have released albums but you only remember one or two of an LP’s tracks.  We dig deep into the Listen Project archives for lost classics and obscure gems.

The Wayback Machine – Some of the best rock heard on the radio around the world was created by Northeast Ohio musicians. On the Wayback Machine, you’ll hear tracks from the Pretenders, Devo, the Outsiders, the James Gang, the Raspberries, the Michael Stanley Band, Beau Coup and others.

The Buckeye Beat – Many Ohio bands from outside of the Cleveland/Akron/Kent triangle were welcomed with open arms when they came to Northeast Ohio to perform. This program features bands from Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Youngstown who left a lasting impression in Northeast Ohio.

Have an idea for a program or just want to make a request?  Drop me a line at chris@listenneohiomusic.com.